i bought flowers for my house

but i left em in my trunk

this morning i went into my trunk to get a shotgun because i figured that would end the issue of the dogs digging holes in our courtyard.

there i saw the flowers.

turned out a bad guy was right behind me. he saw the trunk and gasped.

i spun around and said, whats wrong – aint never seen guns and roses before? karate chopped the pistol out of his hand and took on the day.

ive been so busy ever since then that i havent even been able to update my fantasy baseball teams.

ive been so busy today that i barely was able to truly enjoy my tamales. i havent been able to really get into a nice chat with ms karisa j. and i havent really truly been able to say hi to you and you and you

and you.

say your prayers because miss africa is going to drive down from oregon to LA tomorrow because shes sick of her family and friends and wants to see what changes have gone on in the southland while she was away with the peace corps.

i was thinking about having a little bash at my casa this weekend but my maid couldnt pencil me in until next wednesday which blows cuz it might mean that *I* have to lift a finger to re-arrange my mess.

cant i just throw some money at these problems?

i got interviewed for the third time in 7 days this morning. i always worry that im saying the wrong things. some times i worry because theyre quiet and im afraid that theyre writing down things that i shouldnt be saying, some times i worry because theyre laughing and im afraid theyre all “mwhahahah i knew i could get him to say that!”

but apparently i have been too busy to firmly put my foot in my mouth. but dont worry that day will probably come soon. stay tuned.

photo of sarah holding a painting by Krista in my office via sonny i. la vista

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