for some reason i always have issues with vending machines

it doesnt matter where i work, or how many soda machines there are in a building. no matter what happens, someone always finds a way to screw me out of my apple juice.

i am a fairly healthy man. i think its in part due to the fact that i drink a lot of juice every day. usually apple juice. however ive been downing those Naked Juice Blue Machine’s lately.

problem with the Blue Machines is they cost $4 each and theyre far too delicious. therefore i sometimes find myself wanting a second one. but thats just crazy. so usually i go to the vending machine and grab a $1.35 apple juice.

today i was met with this horrible sight: GRAPEFRUIT JUICE where the apple juice should be!

now who on earth selects grapefruit juice on purpose? or not in a mixed drink?

how can you not have apple juice in a machine filled with sugar water beverages?

i paid for the orange juice today, but as you can see no one has chosen any of the grapefruit juice. and i dont think they ever will which will leave that row filled and thus juice-blocking my beloved apple juice chances.

i will document this horrible scenario as it develops.

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