my man andy was on tv (on the web)

i wanted to tell him about the band tv on the radio but when i was telling him that i went to see weezer on tuesday he chuckled and said how do you keep up on all those bands?

i said, love.

last night i went to the meet and greet at the bar across the street. we have a guy from tribune corp in chicago who is a really good guy. started off i thought as an intern, then became a reporter, then everyone realized he was a social media genius. goes by the name Col. Tribune.

the Colonel is a young guy who visited us last month and one of the things he asked us was how often do we meet the readers at either formal or casual meetups. he suggested that part of social media is being social, which even to me, boy genius, was revelatory.

deep down im extremely shy and i prefer to do most of my dealings online. even when approaching the fairer sex i like to do most of the due dilligence online where things feel more comfortable for me than in person or even on the phone. so when the good Col. suggested that we omg meet the people who write in to us or who call or read us i was all, hmmmm.

last night we met a couple of young readers and drank and chatted and i gotta say it was not just eye opening, but really fun. even our waitress seemed to have a good time and next week i think i wanna celebrate my 102nd birthday in the establishment.

afterwards sarah and i ate tacos from my favorite echo park taco truck and i passed out before i could even hit the play button on the Tivo so i could watch what happened on the debates. this morning i woke up early so as to catch up, and i gotta say, who knew thered be a joe the plumber drinking game?

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