soon i will have a cat

i dont really want a cat, but soon i will have one

the main reason i will have a cat is because i caught a mouse and killed it the other day and i was reminded how much i hate mice. the mouse, i believe came through the open window next to my bed. i assume this because i saw some mouse droppings on the edge of the bed next to the window and i thought (hoped) that it was either dirt from the dirty window sill or extraneous poppy seeds from a subway sandwich or breakfast in bed bagel because the cougar likes to “surprise” me on the mornings that she wakes up here.

surprise me by cleaning my closets i tell her. but no one listens.

not even cats.

which brings us to todays dilema. i want to name the cat something that would be really offensive to most people, and really funny to lots of people.

i want to name it after my favorite gangsta rap group n.w.a

but i only want to name it after the first word in that name.

n-word, basically.

how funny would it be if you heard someone yell “n[word], get off my speakers!” or “n[word] you eat that food or im throwing it out!”

the best would be when we’d be at the vet and the doc has to pretend how much it loves animals and how special your fleabag is and how much he cares when he scratches the animal’s chin and says “who do we have here? how are you feeling Ni- wait what?”

lindsay, my coworker who is going to pick out my cat is not amused at all.

at ALL!

and karisa isnt so pleased with the prospect either.

but they’re girls, what do they know about anything.

especially cats.

so i told lindsay that i would ask the busblog readers what they would name this cat, who will probably be black, cuz i love black cats way more than any other type of cats.

and who knows, maybe i might even name it what ever you say i should.

photo of/by JaG who cant stop thinking about me even when shes thinking of two other men

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