happy birthday the busblog, you are now Eight years old

the year was 2001. it was the fall. it was pre 9/11.

i was lonely.

i was broke.

i had a terrible job.

and i rode the bus.

i had been doing full screen web stories – a type of blogging if you ask me. but i wasnt able to do such things while on my 15 minute breaks at work.

it was then that i read an article about Blogger.com and about one of its founders Ev Williams who said how easy it was to start a blogger blog. so i whipped one up.

the next month i had over 1 million visitors who had come to my site because of my Afghanistan photo essay which spilled into the blog.

and after that the people never stopped coming.

the busblog has gone through a few different servers, it has dealt with my carpal tunnel, it has been updated around the world, and it has reached the homes of good people in pretty much every continent around the world.

my life would be seriously different if the busblog hadnt entered my life. i should probably capitalize that: Seriously.

maybe all caps.

anyways, happy birthday lil blog that could, and did.