its late summer

so of course terrible fire wants to visit our lush hills

our LA Now blog is covering it beautifully, as to be expected.

and whats really nice is our readers appreciate it, which is very sweet.

heres a comment that was left around noon today:

To All Reporters:
I can not express how much I appreciate your up to date information on the Station Fire. The TV news may have a two hour gap or more between reports,
I am hunkered down in my home in Altadena trying to avoid the bad air quality outside and missed bringing my daughter back to college up north this weekend. Someone in the family had to stay with the house to load the car with important papers , pictures in case of evacuation.
Your reports are such a comfort and do not go unappreciated. Many Thanks.

Posted by: Jeanette | August 30, 2009 at 11:31 AM

But probably the most-LA story of the day was the one about the two people who thought that jumping in their hot tub would keep them safe from this blaze. turns out it wasnt so safe.

i wonder why the toxicology tests need to take weeks

when they found a crack pipe on DJ AM and he was open and honest that he was addicted to the drug?

i know we wish he wasnt into crack, but wishing wont bring him back.

at this point arent the scientists supposed to simply look at the facts and say “oh theres a 30something man, theres crack, theres a crack pipe, here he is on MTV making a show about drug abuse, and here he is admitting that his palms sweat when he has a crack pipe in his hand, and here he is dead… it probably wasnt fast food that killed him.”