yes thats me.

thats not who i think of when i think of me.

and yes thats me about to host a panel discussion about social media.

yes thats the orange county offices of the la times.

yes thats a standing room only crowd of our OC advertisers.

and yes some were also from ventura, and yes some had come in all the way from palm springs

among others on the panel was the cofounder of sprinkles

yes there were sprinkles cupcakes in the house for all to enjoy.

no i didnt have one because yes i was nervous like nobodies business

yes i like to be nervous sometimes, which is why i like to chase girls

but no i dont like to be nervous at work so i shook it off and got to business

and yes i was glad that i had to cover the Wolfmother secret show at the Roxy early in the afternoon so i could shake off the nervousness that i felt earlier.

and yes i was frickin hot in the OC.

i like the classic black and white

although the news is sad, i tip my hat to the LAT for having this cover today

even though the news hit so late at night.

nowadays when everyone has a faux complaint about actual newspapers,

this morning 3/4 of a million Los Angelenos had the breaking news

waiting for them on their doorsteps.

even though the news happened when many of them were already in bed.

and here i thought they had stopped making music videos

heres a new one by Giant Drag, which used to be a duo, but i guess annie was serious about kicking bro out.

anyways i dont like this video

in fact its the perfect example of the video being way worse than the song

even though they tried so hard

to be exactly like all the bad vids of the 80s.

and annie looks like shes trying to cop lauren rockets look.

i dont blamer.