“sorry folks, the park’s closed.

the moose out front should have told ya.”

because of my perfect age, the last date i had in high school was at the movies to see “Sixteen Candles”. i was 17.

then when i got to LA i had one of my first dates at the movies and we went to see The Breakfast Club. later id see Ferris Bueller and it made me a little less homesick for my sweet home of (suburban) Chicago.

back in those days there werent a lot of films made in or about the midwest and for that reason alone all mid westerners adore john hughes and mourn his early and sudden death. but i can understand why his popularity was world-wide.

bro knew how to write about teens without condescension, he understood how to portray the days styles without being too trendy (conveniently ignoring Ducky at this point), and clearly had an ear for new wave music that would stand the test of time.

working in a newsroom is a weird and wonderful experience. but it gets real sad when you learn that someone so tied to your youth has gone. it was definitely not the email i wanted to read. but when my boss asked me to write up a post for the Comments Blog, i obeyed, gladly, especially when she asked me to include a bit of a personal note in there.

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