alecia is in Burma

with her man. why arent you reading her every word?

in just the last post shes gotten sick, she broke out in something, she had to take cough medicine

they are also stared at for her outfits and his mohawk

a guy asked me if Anton “was my brother?” I responded that he was my boyfriend. “Your friend?” …yes…yes, my friend. Boyfriends do not exist, you are either married or a whore!

They probably figured I was more the second considering I only ever saw ONE local female wearing a tank top, and that’s like all I wore…in addition to that, we were in a bar that was playing “Duece Biggelow Male Gigilo” one night and the channel airing it BLURRED OUT THE CLEAVAGE. CLEAVAGE! I must have looked like quite the lady-of-the-night with that kind of ish going on!

she learned that the above symbol is Hindi in origin

and her dude had to play a crazy game called Bravery where you have to put your arm out

and see if the guy cuts yr finger off, cuts your arm, or just punches you.

oh and the guy has a knife.

something the fortune teller didnt teller to watch out for.

and its raining. and the hotel cuts off the AC if the government hasnt paid the bill.


read it yr own selfs for pete sake. (nsfw, foul language)

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  1. Thanks man!  I am pleased with your photo choice!
    Fyi soon we will be on to Laos and it’s really popular to tube the Vang Vieng river there…they have set up floating bars all up and down it.  Some of them sell weed or mushroom shakes.  There are rope swings and slides.

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