saw two movies that blew this weekend

the first was tom cruise and cameron diaz in Knight & Day which was ridiculously bad.

so bad it made me wonder how bad Killers was starring ashton kutcher and that lady from knocked up because it seemed to me that this was one of those typical hollywood deals where someone was shopping around a script and someone else overheard it and one studio went with the original and the other went with the slightly altered version and they both were terrible.

not saying thats what happened here, but now i wanna see which was worse cuz obvs anything with ashton has to rise itself above the dbaglevel just to break even, quality wise. and as cute as ms heigel is, shes no cam diaz.

anyway, terrible movie and my date wanted to walk out of the half crowded Regal Cinema (LA Live) theatre on Sunday afternoon but then we’d just have been in the most artificial part of LA with nothing to do, so may as well hold my hand and nibble on popcorn.

night before, danielle and i saw Grown Ups the Adam Sandler flick where he took all his bros (chris rock, david spade, paul blart mall cop, and deuce biggalo male gigolo) and together they sold out and watered down and bored the f out of everyone in the theatre.

such a waste of talent.

secondly, why is The Mall Cop getting better billing than Chris Rock and David Spade?

thirdly why is Adam Sandler intent on making a worse film than 8 Crazy Nights?

fourthly why did this movie get 9% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes? (the lowest rating ive ever seen on a movie on RT) who are those 9% who liked the movie and can they immediately be removed from Rotten Tomatoes?

im eating a salad cuz i made a deal with karisa and later i will join a gym.

2 thoughts on “saw two movies that blew this weekend

  1. Accepting that Killers wasn’t trying to be anything more than a silly romantic comedy date movie, I actually really liked it. Heigel’s funny, and Kuchers’s, well…hot.

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