im studying for a panel discussion im leading this evening

and im very nervous. but first some answers to ask tony

i still believe

jessica: so i finally have a grasp on what i want to pursue and obtain success in. i want to try w/ visioning, positive affirmations, whatever. you’ve alluded to that sorta thing. how to do it? i want to hear from real-world successful people, not people who have only had success in selling others on the idea of being successful.

Once golfer Lee Trevino hit a hole-in-one and as he was strolling down the fairway to retrieve the ball the crowd cheered hysterically. He turned to the camera and said, “I don’t know what they’re getting all excited about. It’s what I was aiming at.”

Aim at what you want and then do it on a small scale on your own. Wanna be tv actors should be in plays and youtube and on street corners. Writers should write anywhere people can read it. Eventually your own style will emerge and over time, if you’ve been paying attention and experimenting, you’ll be ready for any facet of your dream.

And when everyones cheering I’m sure you’ll have something cool to say.

Gage: What would you stay up all night for? And what’s something you’d stay home rather than do even if most people would think you’re crazy for it?

As long as its an active pursuit I can stay up. But if its a movie or a tv show or something passive like reading a book, I’m out like a rock. With that said, I’d rather stay at home doing anything than going out.

JackassJimmy: What’s the best way to pick yourself up of the canvas, after you’ve been knocked down with a vengeance?

There used to be this super cheesy televangelist who has since fallen in disgrace, which, I imagine is requisite for that line of work. But one thing I loved about him is every now an then during one of his sermons he would call the congregation Saints. “Now Saints, do you think The Lord wants us to stay on the canvas after being struck?”

He painted a picture that the Enlightened are soldiers of Good and need to be stronger than the rest because, well, cuz they have been Blessed, so therefore they should do something with that gift.

So the answer, I guess, is: selflessness is easier to rally from, than anything else.

TEH BEAR…: You going to EDC?

if they didnt play such terrible music id be all over raves. sadly they lack guitars.

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