they say the fear of public speaking

is scarier to people than the fear of death.

this is what i learned from moderating a panel yesterday in front of many of our biggest advertisers and partners: always speak to a group of people drinking free wine blocks away from the beach.

the panel was sharp and insightful, the audience was lively and engaging, and the people who put it together were amazing.

i was so nervous before the gig that i had convinced myself that i had gotten car sick. i couldnt stop taking deep breaths as we walked the stairs to the swanky restauant.

in the end everything went totally smooth.

like fine wine

and fried shrimp

on a sunny evening on the weessssside.

One thought on “they say the fear of public speaking

  1. Well done, Tony!  Now you know you can handle it – brilliantly, as you have before – no need to be nervous again … Right?

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