last night i got to meet and interview a big time huge movie star

at a famous hotel

i sat in one olde school leather chair and he sat in one.

earlier his people pretty much amplified the nervousness that i felt. they told me that if the questions were dumb he wouldnt respond well. hes no cheerleader. hes no ones monkey.

i had a cameraman with me and the lovely karisa said shed come and there they were.

of course when it came to show time they asked karisa to stay out of the room which was sad because she was relaxing me.

which is the crazy thing because one reason i like her and we get along so well is the same reason that i was in that room about to interview a guy who has grossed between 2-3 billion dollars in the box office: because i like to be nervous.

i like it because i never am nervous. sometimes at work the fit will hit the shan and my body just goes into this weird overdrive and the world slows down so i can catch up to it. it only lasts for a little while so you have to put out the fires quickly but for that brief moment when pressure hits me, usually a forcefield of Cool envelops me and im good.

the other day when i had to lead that panel discussion at that wine bar in venice in front of many of our advertisers that forcefield didnt arrive until minutes before showtime. but last night, even though i just wanted and needed 5 minutes to collect my thoughts, organize my questions, and say a little prayer, i was overwhelmed by handlers, assistants, and weirdo party goers.

only for one minute before the actual interview did i have time to say to myself some encouraging words of hope. in this case it was youre just two bald guys talking.

and then bruce willis came into the room, shook my hand, sat down, and i earned my money.

stay tuned to see the entire interview on video. dare i say it couldnt have gone smoother.

Update: heres the video!

karisa at the roosevelt

One thought on “last night i got to meet and interview a big time huge movie star

  1. That would have been awesome if you got a cell phone call from Ashton Kutcher, and told Bruce, “Sorry bro, we’ll have to do this later… ”

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