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Hey Tony, When will Flagrant come back? I really miss her.

ah flagrant. anorexism herself. and whatever swedish finnish dutch name that she also goes by that ive forgotten because remembering the sweet paranoia from that blog is so bittersweet.

flagrant whose blog won the Anna Award several years in a row has been nothing but a blank space on the internet for going on a year and a half now.

maybe she sees it as a clean white space, thus an improvement on the web. but i wouldnt.

her daily struggles with weight and beauty and money and privacy and dealing with this world despite knowing that as The Wire said “if you dont play you cant lose” were fascinating and eloquent.

she always surprised us with her extreme measures and measured tones.

she never bored us. she never obeyed the rules.

often shed delete things or change things so as to cover her tracks or take back some gifts and it was beguiling and added to the mystery.

she doesnt even tweet that much any more.

my guess is she either married that one doctor she was with or a new one. and he tolerates her demands and provides her with the comfort that she so wanted.

and now they travel the world and she shoots beautiful photographs and all is well and as we all know: great life, bad blog.

because the reverse is bittersweetly also the case.

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