things always end up ok

thats what youve gotta tell yrself.

which is funny because each of us has a story to tell

and they all end in death.

but we walk around putting our hands on peoples shoulders and say oh it’ll be ok

and they sniffle and say i know, i know.

but how do we know? we’re on the same crazy freak ride theyre on.

but weirdly, it does get better.

the sun


come out tomorrow.

everywhere i go i hear people talking about being unemployed.

woman sitting next to me on the subway asked a guy coming home from his security man job if they were hiring

he said he didnt know

she said she was sick of not having a job.

and i know that this may be funny to you but then she farted.

the kids behind me laughed but i didnt

the whole ride she kept looking over at what i was writing in my email

it’ll be ok

i typed

and hoped she saw

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