totally tubular photo post

hi america. hi canada. hi ships at sea. i heart you all. i do. ive just been super busy

brad pitt has been here all week distracting me. not from my Times work, but from the busblog.

he keeps saying things like Hey Little Man ever try Hipstamatic? he likes to call me Little Man for some reason. even though we are exactly the same height. and i say no, havent tried it.

hes one of those guys that will stand close to you and make you download the app before he steps away. sorta annoying. which is why im glad hes not gonna be shooting here next week.

3 thoughts on “totally tubular photo post

  1. i dont understand apps like hipstamitc….
    its like, “we have a way to ruin your cameras white balance and gaurantee your photo will need color correction!!”
    umm thanks?

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