Sly Stallone: “Never let anyone see you frown. Ever.”


You know why? Because you can’t read a smile, but you can definitely read a frown, and people do not want to see other people who are young, handsome, beautiful, talented, and making good money acting like they’ve got gigantic problems. Frowning. I mean, you want problems? Go out there into the world; there’s billions of problems. So I’d probably tell myself: never, ever, ever publicly feel sorry about yourself, talk about your terrible upbringing, mope, frown, or complain. I don’t want to hear about it. Start to get involved in other people’s lives. Be supportive of them. Be charitable. That’s the first thing. Serving other people, that’s not only the right thing to do for the world, but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. I really believe that.

from the Bio interview

only 5 days on the market and the Cubs’ spring training cap is basically sold out

cubs spring training cap

unless you wear a size 6 7/8, you’re outta luck if you want a Cubs official spring training cap

the cubs appear to be the favorites to win the world series

and are probably faves to dominate through most of this century

after graciously giving much of the last one to the yankees, dodgers and cardinals

but this one is ours and everyone knows it so when this cute little number hit the digital shelves

they flew off like hotcakes (but why would you do that to a hotcake?)

foolishly i thought the league woulda made tons of these, so i’ve gotta find one somewhere

maybe my mom can hunt me down one back home in illinois

your boy wears a 7 1/8.