most drivers dont enjoy doing Uber pools, but i make due

brazilians and brunchers

what drivers dont like about pools is you dont get paid for the time there are two sets of people in your car.

meanwhile you have to get to two different places, wait for each group, and then drop off two times.

so basically double the work for half the rate.

“smart” drivers will never accept an uber pool, but heres what i think.

i think none of us are getting rich anyways, and some money is better than no money

so if you decline certain rides or all rides in hopes for the great big payday

that you psychically know is gonna happen, then thats you.

me, im here to drive, lets drive and see what happens.

today what happened was two very funny brentwood brunchers uber pooled to arena on main and on the way we picked up a brazilian mom daughter team going to the beach.

i made $17, it took about 17 minutes

and i woulda driven them for the rest of the day but

i needed to get back to hollywood

to pick up my xbi suit.