on love

man in the mirror

i am an extremely lucky and grateful man.

ive been so fortunate to have felt love from so many different paths

my family, my friends, the readers of this very blog, and the women of world.

in return i have reflected that love back.

i also have great love of sport, music, television, and fast food restaurants.

love is intoxicating and surprising, encompassing and fleeting.

you never know when it’s coming, how long it will last, or why it came to you

so you do your best not to fuck it up.

but the best type of love you cannot fuck up. you really can be yourself and all will be well.

through my window i can hear a group of young people singing uptown funk.

the words might be projected from a large karaoke screen.

this would be the opposite of love.

i want lightning to strike it.

i want bruno mars to read about it in the paper in the morning.

the opposite of love also comes like a thief in the night

no warning. no reason. just cuz.

for yr ass.

as it is all a giant gumbo that we call life.

one day there will be a girl who says take me

and the next day there will be drama that says take it.

but love, real love, will break through the darkness

like stars twinkling

in the black night.