who’s that dude on the far right all the way behind everyone?

88th Oscars Wednesday Set Ups

thats the dude youre gonna be following if you follow the Academy on Snapchat, that’s who

that dude with the Cubs hat on the red carpet?

yes, that dude!

why would you want to watch the red carpet on Snapchat?

because the dude in the Cubs hat will be able to have access on the red carpet that no one else will have.

that dude can roam everywhere and be anywhere, above, behind, underneath, on top and embedded.

why would you want to have your Snapchat as your second screen during the telecast instead of your ipad?

because that very same dude will be backstage, in the lobby, in the hallways, on the roof, in the stratosphere and right in the nooks and crannies that noone else will have access to.

and he will be bringing that access to you


because he loves you.