are you a pipe?

Magritte's Pipei feel like im a pipe, but around some people im not at all a pipe

and i cannot help it.

i feel like they have wrong me in some way and i dont wanna be a pipe.

i wanna clog that ish. i wanna put off a bad taste.

i wanna say, why are you packing it so full or why do you gotta slobber on it

or bite it.


and if they see how i am with other people they might say, see, he is a pipe. in fact he’s the greatest pipe in this whole damn world. whys he gotta be a big jerk to me and a wonderful pipe to everyone else?!?

and i say let me count the ways.

and i say are you a pipe to me?

are you a wonderfully looking smooth handcrafted made in the USA perfect pipe to me or are you something lesser than?

are you a pipe or are you something that clogs the pipe? are you who you say you are? are you who we hoped youd be or are you just a painting of what we wanted.

me im just a former xbi agent trying to shed all the crud ive picked up along this long strange trip.

but for safety sake, just pretend im not a pipe.

ceci n’est pas une pipe, aussi, magritte.