when the vice president is back stage

biden gaga

and for some reason you’re back stage,

you’ll see well dressed big burly men in reflective glasses.

even indoors. even in the darkness of backstage. even at night.

and when you’re doing something normal like looking at lady gagas white piano

one of them might say to you, can we get a little space please.

and you’ll back up and you’ll hear and then see 3-4 more burley men walking with purpose

and then the vice president of the united states

who will turn to you and see that you are filming

and say, hi guy.

and behind him will be 3-4 more men

one of them carrying a small bag, inside is something square.

a toaster? does the vp enjoy special toast?

an extremely thick book?

two boxes of air jordans?

or, is it a telephone that cannot get hacked

that goes straight to wherever the president is?

or is that really The Button? is The Button actually a box?

if something happens to the president,

is it important for the VP to be able to push the button in a split second?

these are the things that i think about when i see things.

which is why i should probably get some rest now that our show has aired.

lets say youre a famous star

green room

and you’re presenting at the Oscars and you just need a little tiny bit of peace to go over your lines or chill before you take the stage

and get on tv in front of a billion people

well then the Oscars Rolex Green Room is for you!

conveniently located backstage (stage right) of the curtain, the greenroom is actually two beautiful rooms.

the first, as you see above has couches, a bar, and a sitting room where you can be with your manager, your acting coach, your wife, whoever as you wait to be called onto the stage

the other room is in the back, it has a tv a couch, an a picture of Beyonce to inspire you.

it even has a working fireplace (that part might not be true, but it sure looks like it’s working).

the whole thing is heavily protected, locked down, and quiet despite all the noises and bluster happening all around the backstage area.

speaking of, gotta go.

more pics on our Tumblr

who’s that dude on the far right all the way behind everyone?

88th Oscars Wednesday Set Ups

thats the dude youre gonna be following if you follow the Academy on Snapchat, that’s who

that dude with the Cubs hat on the red carpet?

yes, that dude!

why would you want to watch the red carpet on Snapchat?

because the dude in the Cubs hat will be able to have access on the red carpet that no one else will have.

that dude can roam everywhere and be anywhere, above, behind, underneath, on top and embedded.

why would you want to have your Snapchat as your second screen during the telecast instead of your ipad?

because that very same dude will be backstage, in the lobby, in the hallways, on the roof, in the stratosphere and right in the nooks and crannies that noone else will have access to.

and he will be bringing that access to you


because he loves you.

i dont understand people who dont love hollywood blvd

super fanto me it’s the best street in LA by far

you’ll see people in costume, sunburnt euro tourists, homeless strangers, pickpockets,

businessmen, politicians, superstars, students, hooter girls, impersonators, commuters,

guys dressed up as thor

and even academy award super fans like this lady who i wanted to get to know but i was actually sorta in a meeting on the red carpet and i had to excuse myself and take a picture of her because


is the reason i love hollywood, hollywood blvd, and the scene around hollywood & highland

i love these people because theyre having fun in a place where there isnt very much to do.

sure you can shop and eat and look but you cant really do.

so people walk around and some of them think that this is what LA is and who knows maybe it is (it’s not) and its not really glamorous, in fact it’s kinda the opposite of glamorous most of the time.

but once a year some of the most glamorous people in the world dress up as great as they can and everyone watches it on tv and some people get super into it.

and if theres something i love its when people get really into something. so hats off to you oscar superfan lady.

one of my favorite musicians is Kesha

tumblr_o2wwd1NzEH1v233sbo6_500 you might know her as Ke$ha

recently she changed her name back to Kesha as her real name is Kesha Rose.

i must say, i wasnt a huge fan of her until i saw her reality show on MTV and then i fell for her in a big way because i loved that her mom co-wrote songs with her

and her brother was the videoographer.

but it got me to listen to her songs, which were fun

and funny

and poppy

and contagious.

also, she can sing.

you may have seen her name in the news recently because she is trying to get out of her contract with Sony because she has accused her producer, Dr. Luke, of drugging and then raping her.

while some have given her a hard time for not immediately going to the police and forcing criminal charges,

victims often don’t contact police because the whole thing is just so emotional theyd rather not deal with it.

tumblr_o2wwd1NzEH1v233sbo9_500Kesha, who owes Sony 4 more records just wanted to be free of that commitment because clearly having to work for or around someone who youve accused of a heinous crime isnt really the best place to try to be vulnerable

and creative and happy

and fun

and all of the things that made the first two Kesha records smash hits.

but this month a NY judge said that it would be financially damaging to the giant record company if the court allowed Kesha to terminate her deal.

obviously that judgement ticked off a lot of fans and fellow artists because regardless of whether or not Kesha’s allegations are true,

the sad dark history of music is many young female musicians have been abused by men in the business. and the fact that Sony just didn’t settle the matter out of court or deal quietly with the singer,

tumblr_o2wwd1NzEH1v233sbo5_500who a few years ago went to rehab for an eating disorder, triggered an avalanche of support for Kesha. including from the likes of Lady Gaga, Lorde, Adriana Grande and Taylor Swift.

Swift this week gave Kesha a quarter million dollars to help her with her legal fees.

so what’s next for Kesha? some say her career is over now at 25 years old. they say this because they doubt that Sony will push any new record of hers as much as they would have before all this drama.

if an artist has one or two flops that could be terrible for a pop star,

but imagine four low-selling records in a row — not even the most talented artists could survive that in the record business.

it will be interesting to see how Kesha deals with this going forward. will she figure out a way to live up to her contractual obligations while staying away from Dr. Luke?

Will Sony quietly partner with another label and split the profits [recommended!]

or will Kesha be someone who we dont see again for a decade when she is released from the giant label and allowed to sing the songs she should have been singing all along with her choice of producers?

one way to keep up with her current struggle is to follow the hashtag #FreeKesha on Twitter.


boy did we eat good today

dunkin donuts

first a fancy magazine or tv show sent us a bunch of donuts from dunkin donuts

which just opened on hollywood blvd just east of vine.

everyone needs to fit into their oscar dresses and tuxes so strangely this is torture for some

like me. i only ate a bite of the chocolate one.


work gave us some some gift cards for the california pizza kitchen

our server was Don who seriously couldnt have been nicer and we wanted to do all these sorts of things that would make most waiters and waitresses at least roll their eyes

old don was all, oh you want separate checks except for these two, and you want another order to go, also on a separate check and you all have gift cards?

iron manno problemo.

thanks Don!

i bet he secretly owns CPK.

do you own CPK, Don?

got back from lunch and iron man got stuck in the wall trying to get at the left over donuts.

security is super tight and only getting tighter as we get closer to the show.

heard some secrets about the show and you know im starting to think that thats the best compliment ever

if you tell me a secret, especially some big ones that some would love to know, and you dont say things like

this is just between us

because OBVS its just between us

then that means you trust me, which you should, which to me is the best

maybe having that job in sales when i was in college gave me the impression that no one will ever trust you, and maybe that was just a shady place and i was super young and i was asking them for basically all of their money for things like $1,000 vcrs and $1,500 cd players. maybe not everyone is going to believe you when you tell them that theyve gotta buy it.


anyways the shows gonna be killer and you probably shouldnt miss it.

this morning we rolled out the red carpet for you


of course i had to document it.

little did i know one of my coworkers was documenting me.

three years ago today I was recently dumped from a job I had been working hard at and I was demoralized.

One Mr. Mark Johnson said hey I have an extra ticket to the Oscars, wanna come?

It was a surreal day and night because for years I’d get as close as I could to it and take pics for this very blog and there I was in it, drinking the free bubbly, munching on the Wolfgang Puck food,

saying hi to Spielberg.

Never thinking in a million years that my next job would be working there with an All Access pass.

Life is weird. Hang in there.

And always be grateful for your beautiful friends.