a to the z

i drove all night through the desert.

IMG_9329it could be symbolic if you look at things that way.

it was too quick. was it even a vacation? a long weekend? a spiritual journey to find my Chi?

parts of arizona are beautiful and fantastic.

some of it is inauthentic and artificial.

and some of it is lost and forgotten.

my room was for a handicapable person. symbolic? the pool was fantastic but hardly anyone was in it.

kids went nuts because it was big and warm and it had a little waterfall.

but it had all seen better days. i got the room off Priceline name yr own price which is still my favorite way to book hotels.

i ate in as many crappy fast food establishments as i could.

sadly i had to go to walmart in the middle of the night for something that i now forget.

seeing the cubs was fantastic but the best part was when a native american man in a KC Royals shirt came up to me to ask me about the DH rule in NL parks in spring training.

we talked for a while complimenting each others teams.

baseball teams should do a Humans of New York style deal in their instagrams. this guy would have been superb.

drank an Old Style. ate a Portillos italian beef.

drove back through the desert to get home. where its cold and drizzly.

like an entirely different world.

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