jon lovitz is dating a woman 31 years younger than he is

jon lovitzand i say Mazel Tov

age aint nothing than a number especially when love is involved.

there was a time when i was dating a much younger woman and some friends would ask what do you two talk about

i said, what do you and i talk about?

do we talk about bonds and hemoroid creams?


neither does me and my teen gf.

im sure jon and his babe talk about all the normal things normal people talk about:

movies, donald trump, the effect of canada’s weak pound compared to the yen, who is going to pay $100 to see the Lakers next year when theres no Kobe, do i look fat in these overalls, when was the last time you heard a lead guitar in a pop song in the Top 40, where can a man get a cheap iphone charger cable for less than a thousand dollars?

we are all humans just trying to love and be loved and who doesnt wanna be with someone smart and funny if youre a woman and smart and sexy if youre a man?

life is short. love lives are shorter. i say have fun, tip your uber drivers and love with all your heart until you die.

update: it was all a hoax. love is dead

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