i did 22 rides. its now 3am.


i did about 11 of them at USC. for some reason you can do a Pool there and get 3 of your friends in there.

i dont understand that. the purpose of a Pool is so if you and ONE friend are going somewhere and another person and their ONE friend along the way wants to get in too, then it’s sorta like an improptu car pool.

but when the car is already filled immediately what is the Pool part all about?

that happened and of course i get pinged a few minutes later and i have to tell the guy theres no room in the inn.

he understood and canceled but it seems like a major design flaw and im disappointed that Uber never educated us about this.

whatever, the rest of the night was great. had to go to Pasadena from UCLA near the begining of the night but i didnt let that stop me.

if anything it inspired me to max out the number of USC rides we are allowed for the bonus (15).

tomorrow i need 22 to complete it all. but i will do 29 to play it safe.

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