it’s supposed to rain today but i wanna drive

eazy e tattoo compton nwalast night was fun but i got tired early and called it quits

the last ride was a 17 year old girl i picked up at usc. her boyfriend goes there.

she was pretty dismissive of the school, him, pretty much everything

except for one thing.

for some reason i always try to bring conversations to happy places

and it didnt seem like ours had gotten there as i drove across town to hollywood via side streets at midnight

so as she texted her friends quietly in the back

i finally asked

is coachella still cool?

she stopped, looked up, and said, omg its the coolest thing ever. im going.

i should have left it at that but when the silence returned i broke it foolishly with

are there any bands youre excited about… like guns n roses..?

she said oh god no. my dad would kill me but, uh no.

sorry slash

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