keira-anne is a beautiful spirit

miss 604, keira-anne, and their boyfriends hanson

pretty much the epitome of what youd imagine of a canadian young lady.

polite, healthy, creative, fun, and concerned with all the good things that you wish everyone else would be concerned aboot

i first met her at Blink 182 show. we were in the pit. moshing. i had been knocked to the ground.

kids were stomping on me but didnt know it was me, they thought it was a bag of Cubs hat.

out of the bloody darkness i saw a hand. it was hers, but i couldnt reach up.

then suddenly she grabbed my scruff and pulled me out from certain death.

she dragged me to the edge of the pit, borrowed a beer from a stunned gentleman who couldnt believe he was seeing The keira-anne in the flesh

she poured some down my throat and wiped the blood from my brow with the remains.

she kissed my forehead and pushed me back into the swirling mass of bodies.

little bluebirds fluttered around her and placed a wreath of wildflowers atop her blonde locks.

i mouthed thank you

she mouthed

eat timbits

which is now my gmail password.

today she posted an interview she conducted with me recently.

click if only to see a cute pic of she and i in canada in 2007.

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