why i like to sit in the bleachers

one day i want to make a tv series, a sit com, about angels in heaven and how they look down and comment and futz around with this or that to make things better

in one of the episodes i want to explain why wrigley field in chicago was clearly aided by Someone Above

in part because there isn’t a bad seat in the house

other than those behind poles

and how the best seats in the joint are probably the humble backless benches in the bleachers

i like to sit there because, and no disrespect, but i believe the best fans are there

in the olden days they used to also be the most frugal, but due to the secret getting out that the bleachers are so unique at wrigley, the same bleacher seats that i used to pay $3 for in high school now go for $64 and can cost three times the price of sitting in the upper deck ($21).

at dodger stadium the secret isnt out yet so theyve converted the right field bleachers into an all you can eat gorgefest. for as low as $33, but your ticket includes unlimited Dodger Dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, Coke products and bottled water. if i ran the joint id also have people guessing your weight, giving you back scratches, and doling out investment advice, but

at Wrigley you feel right on top of the players when youre in the bleachers.

at Dodger Stadium, they dont want you that close. theyre nervous. maybe they should be nervous. everyones trying to be a star in LA.

in Chicago we already know we’re stars. if youre trying to prove something to people, youre probably an out of towner.

theres some good seats at Dodger Stadium, but not many, which is why i prefer the bleachers there. at least its fun, theres free food, and you get to meet some colorful fans from the IE

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