went to the doctor today and they said i had to see a specialist

da bearsthis is what happens when you try to use the xbi insurance.

they want you only to see xbi doctors and

its not because they care about you

they just wanna keep an eye on their investment

even if you are just a shell of who you used to be

i havent been a solid xbi agent in years

they swear they can get me back in shape if i had the desire to get there but

as you get older the things you care about substantially changes

when youre little you want candy

then you want a bike

then you want a girlfriend

then you want a car

then you want a plane

then you want a mythical black helicopter that barely makes a sound but ironically can stabilize large groups of terrible people through audio technology that can bring them to their knees with nausea.

then you want two cars.

all i want right now is to see the cubs win the world series and it looks like theyre on their way.

then i want some ice cream.

then i want to help people.

the other day someone asked me what i wanna be when i grow up

i said i wanna never grow up.

because it seems like the more shit you gotta do

the less shit you get to do.

and all the shit i wanna do is for you.

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