most of us wont be giants, or bikini models

andre the giantmost of us wont be rock stars or baseball players, play by play announcers or heads of state

most of us wont be millionaires or international drug lords

hell, most of us would be so lucky to be local drug lords

most of us are just going to end up being sweet, loving, creative people, doomed to influence a small circle of friends, neighbors and family members

maybe coworkers, but probably not them, they’re busy crunching numbers and doing all the things they do

and most of the ways we can influence our small circles isn’t by doing anything outrageous other than being as wonderful as we can be

think about who influences you. it isn’t the guy with the biggest house or fanciest car or prettiest wife

what influences me are the people with the best attitudes and brightest smiles during the gloomiest days.

how do they keep their positive attitudes, i wonder, how do they find the energy to work tirelessly, listen to how they interact with dale from accounting or merle from the mailroom. it sounds exactly how when they speak to the ceo or that mean girl from — where does that girl work anyway?

im influenced by steady writers and cheerful cooks, people who raise their kids right, people who do their best to help the public. it’s rarely the jokers who end up on E! or accumulating a zillion followers on instagram.

weirdly the people who i love the most have very little time for instagram,

they’re too busy being international love smugglers.

sharing their houses with others, working at soup kitchens, fixing friends’ computers, coaching little league, teaching at the school, fighting fires, writing books, helping kids with their homework for hours,

showing people things at the library that will make them literally cry out loud

you see those people all the time.

they’ll never get on a baseball card.

til Heaven.

i had a dream last night that when you get to the pearly gates, st. peter is flipping through his new pack of cards and right in front of you he says um hum, yep, yep, oh here you are, and he hands you your card and it’s you doing what God loved best and your name is there

and when you flip it over, theres your stats. all the good youve done. all the ways youve reflected love and peace and you know positive things humans are capable of doing when they’re being awesome

and you show that to the angel and




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