my mom doesnt like it when i swear on here


but what can i do.

i bet picassos mom didnt like it when he painted nude ladies.

i bet rembrants mom didnt like it when he used so much gray

i bet warhols mom didnt like it when he was always wearing sunglasses.

we love our moms but sometimes the paint is gonna do what the paints gonna do.

to me the secret of creativity is to get out of the way.

the spirit doesnt have hands or a blog or a reliable internet connection

and thats why God made Earth and us. hi!

likewise we dont have any good ideas.

if this blog was devoid of any spirit all id do on here is put up xxx pictures the NSA save to the cloud

and write about baseball.

no one would read that.

how do i know? have you seen how few ads there have been in the last 10 years

inside the LA Times Sports section?

the kkk took my baby away

video killed the radio star

and espn took all the money out of sports pages.

today im gonna have brunch with a guy named mike.

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