why i will never uber a Rose Bowl event again


it seems like every year i try a few times to take people from Rose Bowl events

and every year it becomes a total waste of my time.

im not sure if it’s the government of Pasadena or the police of Pasadena or Rose Bowl officials

but every time there’s a concert or a game there they act as if it’s the first time anyone has ever been there

which is weird because the 100,000 capacity stadium is 6 years shy of celebrating its 100th birthday.

the stadium is tucked away in a wealthy neighborhood and up aside a mountain range

it’s also very close to two freeways.

rose bowlthat makes it both hard and easy to get to depending on whether officials decide to close or open freeway on ramps.

for some reason the geniuses in control close all but one road going into the rose bowl about an hour before the concert is about to end

and they keep it closed NO MATTER WHAT up to two hours after the event is over.

so let’s say you’re an Uber driver and you get to the show early and you sit in the golf course and you get a passenger and take them home

and then let’s say you want to go back to the venue to pick up someone else: forget about it.

not only are the roads closed going in, but the cops, the rentacops, and the security will treat you like you are a terrible ignorant person up to no good.

meanwhile inside and all around the rose bowl the cell reception is horrible because no one has ever thought about putting a cell phone repeater in there. or whatever it’s called. so guess what? everyones phones are dying and you cant tell them “walk two miles to the Jack in the Box where hundreds of people in their sexiest Beyonce outfits are stranded, waiting for ANYONE to drive them home.”

the whole thing is a extremely fixable disaster. and here’s how they can fix it.

there are temporary barriers surrounding the location with guards letting residents in.

let Uber / Lyft and limos through too. we are not trying to rob anyone. we are just trying to get to the Rose Bowl and pick people up.

it really is that simple.

One thought on “why i will never uber a Rose Bowl event again

  1. Agreed. The Pasadena Police Department and traffic control are doing a horrible job at directing traffic and assisting people in where to go to catch their Uber/Lift ride. As a concert attendee for Coldplay, the lines of people trying to catch the shuttle buses and get to the Uber/Lift pick up area were extremely long and insane. I decided to walk over to Old Town and catch the Metro.
    As an Uber driver, I refuse to go pick up anyone over at the Rose Bowl when a concert or sporting event occurs because it is nearly impossible for all those Uber/Lift cars to squeeze into the pick up area on the north west side of the stadium. The City of Pasadena needs to improve their traffic control by providing Uber/Lift drivers better options to drop off and pick up passengers or they will see a big crisis on their hands as more and more people refuse to attend an event at the Rose Bowl because it is too difficult to get out.

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