someone told rembrandt the hardest thing to paint are hands

so he made sure those were the best parts of his paintings.

uber dares us every weekend to take 80 trips.

they bribe us with $200 or $170.

this week it was $170, which is a rip off but i look at it as reimbursement for the gas i use.

i did 28 trips on friday, 30 yesterday, so i had to do the rest today.

started off STRONG. 15 trips in 2 1/2 hours. but then they refused to give me any short rides for a long ass time. i went an hour with zero trips as i slunk around highland park, echo park, and silver lake.

when i arrived in hollywood the only trips they gave me were little ones from the hotels to the Hollywood Bowl. Willie Nelson is celebrating his 90th birthday there this weekend with two shows and tons of guests.

typically drivers avoid the Bowl bc traffic is like quicksand over there.

but i needed 5 trips so i said fuckit, since it was still 2 hours before showtime.

these fans were so sweet. mostly southerners who flew out here for the weekend. older. kind.

i did three trips and then the traffic started getting gnarly so i stopped taking them.

ended up driving the prettiest half black girl ive ever seen to a “day party” at the Penthouse club, which it turns out is the old Club Lingerie. damn she was pretty.

final ride was two Black women going to Lucky Strike becuase it was open mic for singing.

got home, did some work on the podcast and if Jordan has this week’s episode ready for me i’ll do that tomorrow, otherwise i may go see a movie. its been a while.