flagrant thinks i forgot her birthday.

yeah right.

to honor her on her birthday i gave her the second anna award of all time. i also took the day off so if she wanted to chat she could.

secretly i want her to interview me about my book. maybe someone else will volunteer when they get theirs.

to honor her i sent britney spears over to the malibu pet store to pick up a paris hilton taco bell doggie to hand deliver.

mostly hairless to prevent any allergic reactions.

to honor her i had the webster dictionary people wait until today to announce that “blog” is number one word of the year.

to honor our favorite valley girl, sk smith updated her damn page to show us all how we can give the gift of a goat to people.

thank you sara.

flagrant is one of my favorite writers.

if her site wasnt down right now shed be saying something like, “why does Sports Illustrated think you can call it a blog when it’s really just five guys writing individual columns once a week?”

“the sports illustrated.com ‘daily blog‘” she would say, “is neither.”

and thats why i love her.

that and her devilish sneer at dumb people.

she says shes moving to portland and that makes me sad.

she says that shes getting better, physically, and that makes me happy.

no matter where she is or what she does i hope that she keeps blogging and i hope she takes it easy with her penchant to delete posts.

its exciting, but ultimately exhausting. and its a bad precident for the kids. of whom i know she loves.

if i knew her address i would send her two books. the first being mine, and the second being the most fucked up person alive tells all

which i am glad to see is still in print

cuz it’s funny.

happy 25th birthday ms fragrant disregard.

move your blog to nothing special and when you do tell em tony sent you and os will cut you a deal.

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