yesterday everything went right

beastie boys

i got to meet and interview the beastie boys. me and my music editor asked the best questions of anyone there

afterwards i met someone from Capitol who sends me emails and cds and stuff and for some reason i asked for the new Beasties cd. i didnt know who i wanted to give it to but i wanted to.

so then we went downstairs in the elevator and there were the three bad brothers you know so well waiting for their cars to arrive.

so i unwrapped the cd and i had a sharpie on me and i handed it over to them and they signed it like no problem because they rule.

on the way home i wanted to talk to someone because i wanted to make sure that i wasnt dreaming. probably because i never have dreams and i wasnt sure if someone hadnt snuck a dream in on me when i wasnt lookin

so madpony kristin was home and i havent talked to her in a while so we chatted and she was doing just as good as i was so it was yay yay yay yay with each other

then karisa reminded me that we were supposed to eat sushi and see a concert tonight

i was all, can this day be any better?

so she got out of work, went to yoga class, showered and came over looking dazzling

we saw this super funny band called Wounded Cougar at Safari Sams

but before the show i was all, you know that looks like Sam over there

he brought rock to Little Armenia. it cost him almost $1 million extra dollars than it should, but he did it and i wanted to thank him for it.

so we chatted about back in the day and now in the day and he told me of a band i gotta see and all was great. and then all of a sudden the show was starting so we saw it and it was funny as hell. and really good.

apparently theyre Beck’s backup band or something, but they didnt need no beck. they were perfect all by themselves. in fact the singer reminded me of The Pants

which was interesting because karisa and i ate sushi afterwards on Franklin next to this bar that Sabrina C., one of the Pants’ friends, goes to

and bam there she was.

hi sabrina!

then me and karisa ate all this sushi and beer and saki and we went dutch treat cuz i was too blown away and happy and blissful to challenge her and i had all these emails to answer when i got home and here it is 2:19am and i love everyone

and i can seriously die now cuz ive seen it and done it all. so thank you for everyone who made everything possible. my life was great and im so thankful you have no idea.

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