rage was incredible

they know know peers. everyone has gotten old, theyve stayed intense

we were in the pit. the whole time. my arms are stinging from peoples’ plastic wrist bands scratching me all night due to the slamming and pushing and sweating

oh and the sweating. my matthew good shirt was drenched as we left the place. it was so nice walking around hollywood in no shirt and an equally sweaty karisa next to me who couldnt revel in the freedom i was enjoying.

the place was such a sausage fest that they turned one of the ladies rooms into a mens room. it was so latin that when the opener openers, a mexican band played, everyone cheered.

it was such a great rock show that as everyone was exiting they all cheered some more. rage pumps you full of energy an they havent lost a step since they first kicked their way onto the scene some 17(!) years ago.

have the gen-x slackers grown up to be lackadaisical off-duty policemen?

back in my day if some kid ran onto the field, MLB security would have put down their footlongs and gladly, if not viciously, pursued the drunken yahoo.

the result would have been violent, painful, and memorable.

but this crew at Baltimore’s Camden Yard seemed more intent on containing the youthful trespasser than cracking skulls.

is this the kinder, gentler world that the republicans promised us oh so long ago?

im not sure i approve.