ive been trying to write something for months

skateboardand ive had the hardest time doing it.

from afar it looks crazy and ridiculous

but i know that when i start doing it it will be fine because things change when youre right up in it.

nobody dies writing things

thats all im doing is writing something

will it change my life? probs.

but at least it will be written and for most of my life all the best things have happened to me after i wrote something down

in that sense this is a weird life and i should embrace the magic that happens when i put pen to paper, so to speak, but im not. im continually freaked out by what happens when i use the super powers that the good lord has blessed me

and you and you and you


it’s bizarre to me that in a way we all can conjure up lifechanging things just by clicking some buttons, putting it in a web browser and sending it off somewhere and seeing what happens

i dont know what i would prefer. i certainly wouldnt prefer it if Life Just Happened to me

i would like some control.


which is why they often say, right before youre about to do something big


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