At 10:48am

NASA paid a little visit to the Blog. Told you those guys are smart.

Sorta scary.

Why does this scare me? I don’t know.

Hope all my facts were right.

If anyone from NASA wants to let me interview them using AOL Instant Messenger about all these pioneering Black astronauts for Black History Month, email me, maybe we could do it tomorrow, tonight i’m watching “Friends” with Chris.

But yeah, email me.

anna lost again.

this time in Paris. This time to a frenchie named Amelie Mauresmo yesterday in straight sets.

On Satuday our girl lost to Monica Seles in Tokyo.

I’m starting to think that it has something to do with the cute little baby blue number that she seems in love with.

Anna seems to think it has something to do with emailing and calling me, so she has suddenly stopped all communique avec moi.

How do you say, “whatever,” in French?

This week’s big-ups go to Chris, who has loaned me her fine automobile for the last few days so that I could use it while Ashley was here. Not many ex-girlfriends would do that for a guy, but Chris is special, which is why I propose to her every chance I get.

I must say that I have enjoyed having a car these last few days. Strangely it is the AM radio that I have missed so much all this time.

That, and the Long Beach Freeway.

This week Howard Stern has been broadcasting live from Las Vegas on the FM dial right as I am pulling out of work and to have him in the morning and the evening is nearly as good as having Ashley waiting at home for me.

Also, mad props to my boys Ken and Matt, who have been mentioning my Black History Month stuff on their hugely popular sites. Welcome, fans of Welch/Layne.

Can a dumbass like me have it much better?

The answer my friends is, oui, monseiur.

If only that Honda could talk.