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lindsay lohan keeping it real one of my favorite sites on the web.

Thank you Harmony, for writing about my ebay auction, I don’t know who you are or how you found my site but I’m glad you did because it’s nice to have so many new readers.

Speaking of readers – or hits – I read one of the comments by one of the people on IG (and another site) disputing my claim to close to 150,000 hits this month– first of all, thats not a lot of hits, secondly thats for my entire site, not just for my links page or my blog. I have a huge site here with many many pages. I put up 20 pages last night, for pete sake, which means if one person goes through them all and ends up on my Blog, that’s 21 hits. I dont think thats a bad thing, I think that means that I can keep the attention of people for a wee bit longer than what you might expect a silly website to provide.

Mostly everything that you will read here is false – like my FBI stories, chats with Mariah Carey, my claims at having good luck, etc. But sometimes people like to try to figure out what parts (other than the stats) are true. I say just sit back and enjoy as it’s all just in good fun.

For the IG readers who are interested in cam girls, I have written a few things about them and allowed them to write about themselves. Dig around my What’s Old section of my links page and you’ll see that I cover a wide array of topics.

Finally for those of you who are looking for reliable web hosting, NSNS hosts me, and will host you too for $5 a month regardless of content. If your site is way more popular than mine and generates a ton more traffic, your rate will probably be $10 a month, but theyre cool people and you should email me if you’re looking for a good host.

Enjoy yourselves and please come back. I try to keep the site fun for all. And if you would like to donate a buck or more to my Snoop DeVille fund, just read here for all the details and one day I might announce driving to your town and I’ll give you a lift to the market. See if you can beat my new best friend JC, who has flowed unto the fund another buck, making the total $4. Thanks bro!

what a difference a shirt makes

ashley anna is on a virtual tear on the coastal town of Acapulco, destroying Tathiana Garbin of Italy 6-1, 6-2 yesterday and making it to the quarter-finals of the Mexican Open.

Ashley was at the beach house yesterday to help me during my brief ailment brought on by what appeared to be too much Novacane. But it was she who went through a series of emotional changes that were pretty amazing.

The former teen princess of the desert is 100% Italian, and I watched her turn red with excitement when she saw me – it’s been a while. And for the record, ladies, a fella always likes it when we can see on your face how happy you are to see us. It’s sweet.

But then I saw her turn green with envy when a good friend of the Blog called around midnight. This brought on my disapproving looks, tears, and raised and then hushed voices. The problem with the Hollywood cabana is that it is entirely made of wood, including the floors, which means that voices echo. Especially crying voices of young girls who like to shreik “get off me!” which alarms, you could imagine, the bored and curious neighbors.

Ashley completed the Italian motif by turning a near clear white in the wee hours when it became apparant that the soup she took from my cupboard was not entirely all vegetable soup and even in the colorful shadows of my bedroom, there wasnt even a hint of tint on our little angel.

Speaking of which, congratulations T-Bone Burnette for winning several Grammys last night. T-Bone produced most of Elvis Costello’s best records and produced Peter Case’s first record, which is still one of my all-time faves.