and i looked down and i had scribbled:

this will not bum me out, this will not bother me. nothing will bother me. stay focused.

this isnt shit. this isnt anything.

sometimes people just feel like they have to take it out on someone and today is your day. this month has been yours, this year is yours. these last twelve months is yours.

take it. take it like a man. bring it on. is that all you have. is that all they have.

that aint shit.

one thing about libras is we’re cool under pressure.


be ice, fucker.

not only does the buck stop here but you take the buck and you eat it and it doesnt come out anywhere.

it stops here.

this is the end, my only friend, the end.

this is pisces. this is what you said itd be. like when you were in the mountains. like when in “the shining” it was all nice and then the storm came.

bring it on.

i can take anything.

if it snows ride your snowmobile.

and when it shits, bust with the shitmobile.

but always be nice.

always be cool.

you can do this.

and you will do it with style.