anna’s stubborn and that’s okay

she wanted to chat with me and i wrote back and said, only if i can put it on my page, and she wrote back and said, if you chat with me you’ll be happy.

maybe im stubborn too, as it feels strange to admit that anna is right about some things.

in the chat i asked her why she was still wearing that dumb blue outfit even though she’s losing in it.

she said, why do you still have that auction up, even though no one has even bid one dollar. lol.

i said 🙁

she says its a secret.

i said how come youre being so nice to me.

she said, i read a book and thought of you.

and she said take the day off and get in that flying car, im in Acapulco, it isnt far. im about to go up against Mariana Oliva Diaz and i think i can beat her.

i said, you’re cocky about maybe beating a Mexican girl in Mexico?

she said yes. and then she said, and shes from Argentina.

i said do they have fish tacos in Alcapulco?

she said, they have suites the size of half the hotel, lobster, champaign, toasters and toast, pitchers of purified water, thin little mexican blanket rugs and ceramics filled with potpouri, and me.

and since the flying car isnt exactly my property, xbi property, formerly fbi property, so really, your property, i cant tell you whether or not i have flown to acalpulco to party with anna, but i can tell you that she beat the Argentinian soundly 6-3, 7-5, but she had a smile on her face and looked good in that raggedy suit.

you know you want your link on this page, with the proceeds going to the Snoop Fund, the one that JC has now given a buck to each day of this week bringing the fund up to $374. Gracias, JC.

and happy Black History Month