call me crazy,

but the more i read about the convicted congressman the more i like him. not only does he poo-poo the charges of bribery and corruption like it aint no thing, but he loves to curse and point fingers, and look at how shamelessly he sports that sweet rug!

eric olsen said that when he met me he saw that i have an old soul. i have always believed that too. and even though im not so sure that i will make it to be a senior citizen (due in part to my body and mind falling apart, which is why i am burning out as opposed to fading away) i always said that if i went bald i would shave off the rest of my hair and don a partying toupee or afro-wig.

and i cant wait to wear leisure suits and jumpsuits with white shoes and weild my cane at whippersnappers and short skirts.

i would also like to wear a pinky ring as i retire.

on a different subject, last night i had the pleasure of chatting a little with meesh, a former Miss Oxnard, if i am to read her bio correctly.

in our conversation she mentioned how nice it is to have a teensy little crush on someone at work. i asked her what her dream man would wear on their first date and she started with slacks, boots, and made her way up to a turtleneck. i added, “500E ?” and she squealed. guess im out of luck there.

here at the xbi where i pretty much keep to myself, i have met a few friends and developed a handful of mini-crushes. one of the friends i say hi to in the halls works in the IT department and i was washing my hands in the mens room this afternoon and i said, “old chap, would you mind telling me about the availability of the knockout tomboyish redhead in your department.”

“good lord, man. i have read of your acheivements of the past, but that is a nut that no squirrel will crack, you see, she doesnt date gentlemen.”

i said, “no.”

he said, “yes.”

i wispered, “scandelous.”

he said, “it’s a loss to us all.”

i said, “please send her my regards upon your next encounter.”

he said, “i will tip my hat to her in your name.”

and despite what Professor Volokh says about switchhitters only being 3-5% of the population it sure seems like those numbers are growing in the ultra fem ranks that cross my path.

pardon me while i look for someone to blame.

meanwhile, let’s all welcome sara k back to the world of daily correspondence as she educates us on the beauties of austin texas.

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