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“Kudos for acknowledging “The Wild …,” “Greetings …” and “Nebraska” as the gems of the Springsteen canon.

However, it takes a real fan – or, man – to admit that “Darkness …” and “The River” are wildly disorganized and truly horrible, three albums that, at most, yield four good songs.”

– Brian M.

I don’t know what they’re drinking down there where Brian is calling home, but i hope it tastes good.

The River was Bruce’s double album of 20 songs released in 1980 at the peak of his creative output. It yielded him his first number one hit, “Hungry Heart,” mass critical acclaim from the title track and tunes like “Point Blank” and “Drive All Night” as well as light-hearted fun numbers like “I’m a Rocker” and “Cadillac Ranch” which are still staples in Bruce’s live show whenever he wants to keep his audience on their feet.

Four good songs total between the six sides of The River and Darkness? Hardly, here are nine awesome songs on The River alone, in order of appearance: Hungry Heart, Out in the Street, The River, Point Blank, Cadillac Ranch, I’m A Rocker, Stolen Car, Drive All Night, Wreck on the Highway.

Meanwhile Darkness only has two clunkers “Something in the Night” and “Factory”. Please try to convince me that the title track, “Badlands,” “Adam Raised a Cain,” “Candy’s Room,” “Racing in the Streets” and “The Promised Land” aren’t six classic tunes. Genuine American rock anthems of struggle, turmoil and compromise in an attempt to do the right thing… that also happen to rock.

Darkness is the electric guitar record that Dylan never got around to writing, and if it doesn’t float your boat, theres something wrong with your boat.

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