Dearest Ashley,

Okay, I don’t really care what’s true or a lie. It’s all true in my mind, and that is the only reality that matters.

I am in lust with Jennifer Jason Leigh. So, what is the truth on how I can meet her and seduce her into being my love slave?

She’ll thank you for hooking us up. You’ll thank me for getting you to hook us up.

Tony won’t thank me, but I’m cool with that.

All my love,


Dear wKen,

You have awesome taste dude. And no I’m not just saying that because I’ve been known to be a JJL lookalike. She just rocks.

Here’s what I did to meet Jennifer. I found out when there was going to be a four-day film tribute to her in Hollywood that she was to be attending. I went. We met. And twice at that. She was awesome.

If I was a lesbian, maybe I would’ve tried to seduce her. But I’m not.

If you do get to meet up with Her Radness, I would suggest not being too aggresive. She’s really shy + that could freak her out. Just play it cool.

Tell her you liked her dog Otis in “The Anniversay Party.” Her dogs are important to her, so that will get you brownie points.

Good luck!


I’ve got a question for you.

As a gal how long does it take you to decide if and when you will sleep with a perspective suitor?

I know there all sorts of factors that play into this,

but i am only looking for abll-park figure here. Minutes after meeting? Hours? after the first kiss? Weeks?



Dear Nunya [loved the midget story by the way],

Well, I have found that I am somewhat of a weirdo. My tastes + behaviors don’t seem to fall in synch with those of other girls my age.

But here’s my take on the whole thing. It’s a lot easier for me to start with knowing if I’m even going to kiss this person. That usually is determined immediately after meeting them if they’re cute with a good personality. If they’re not so cute, but have a good personality, give it a couple hours.

As far as doing the deed, I am never 100% sure if it’s going to happen until it actually is. There have been people I’ve decided I would with, + then never ended up going through with it.

So if you’ve got someone you’re persisting [+ hopefully for wKen, it’s not the lovely Jennifer Jason Leigh], get beyond the first kiss + then just see. Make sure the oppurtunity is there b/c if she’s considering sleeping with you, she needs a shot at it. That will increase the possibility of it happening by like 94%.

Good Luck to you too!

Are you really glitter-dipped, or is it radioactive glow from all the nuclear bomb tests of the 1950’s?

Steven A. Adams

Hi Steven!

Well, seeing as I was born in 1982, I have to say that I am just naturally this sparkley + it is not a result of any testing that occured in the 50s. My parents weren’t even alive then actually.

Thanks for asking!

* * * * * * * * *

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also, if youre too shy for all of that and you just want to buy me something from my wishlist, i guess that will be okay too, and tony doesnt get jealous at all.

Daisy Kisses,


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