greg vaine is a master of art,

just like his tshirt says.

the inventor of the modern hootennany, one of the top three lead guitarists in all of los angeles, and a distinguished gentleman, greg directed me in my film debut, convinced me to join him in my first real band, and takes better pictures of me than anyone.

anyone other than ashley.

just look at how he shows off in his latest portrait by giving a tip o’ the hat to one of my favorite artists by including a mirror in the upper left perfectly framed so that it shows a different perspective.

subtlety, my friends, is the calling card of genius.

everything that ive been able to do well on this blog ive stolen from greg. all the people who think im the man cuz i interview myself? greg was the first one to do it flawlessly. plus he’s way better at fake names.

while he patiently expects his first born, he has sealed a deal to show his latest collection of paintings here in Los Angeles.

August 31 is the opening reception and you can expect a great turn out of local musicians, artists, and beautiful people of all kinds.

i cant hardly wait.

20: ashley is 20 and gives 20 reasons why she lusts me.

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