interview with meesh:

hey, m’here

xxsosaxx: good

xxsosaxx: how was your dinner?

meesh: mmmm, so good, Hot and Sour soup

xxsosaxx: make it yourself?

meesh: yeah

meesh: it’s pretty easy

meesh: what did you have?

xxsosaxx: i make chicken breasts, baked potato and peas

meesh: so all american!

xxsosaxx: if i knew how to cook anything else i would

meesh: I’d love to cook for ya sometime

xxsosaxx: whats your specialty?

meesh: some guy from the personals is trying to chat me up right now

meesh: I have my own specialty I guess, it’s fusion

meesh: Asian Spanish Middle Eastern

meesh: California

meesh: alot of fresh herbs and vegetables

xxsosaxx: whats the best way for a guy from the personals to chat you up?

meesh: have a freaking profile

meesh: I’m like, :Do you talk to strangers on the street

meesh: with bags on their heads?

meesh: me, neither

xxsosaxx: good point

meesh: do you?

xxsosaxx: i think guys just feel like theres not much special about them that you could put on a profile

meesh: chat up girls in the personals

xxsosaxx: no, i havent had the pleasure of doing that yet

meesh: there is someone for everyone

meesh: noone is as cool as they think

meesh: or as they are on paper

meesh: except you maybe

xxsosaxx: flattery will get you everywhere

meesh: so it seems

xxsosaxx: i went on a date with the biggest tallest girl in hs cuz she called me cutie all the time

meesh: oooh, call me Sweetheart, and I melt

meesh: it is weird!

meesh: or , baby

xxsosaxx: baby is doable

xxsosaxx: sweetheart would seem too much like humphry bogart

meesh: yeah, well there was this one guy, who said it

meesh: the first guy to ever say it

xxsosaxx: did he say it slowly and ironically or smoothly?

meesh: smooth

meesh: mmmmmm

meesh: usually with the puppy dog eyes

meesh: and an I’m Sorry

xxsosaxx: how tall are you meesh?

meesh: 5′ 10″ I think

meesh: last time I checked

meesh: hopefully I am not shrinking

meesh: taller in the winter

meesh: you?

xxsosaxx: the same

meesh: yeah?

xxsosaxx: im telling you, we are strange mirror images

xxsosaxx: except my side is cracked

meesh: your side?

meesh: I am kind of milk chocolately

xxsosaxx: youre the gorgeous graceful wonderful side

meesh: I am a Libra, I am always both sides

meesh: you should know that

meesh: it is a constant struggle

xxsosaxx: what sides are you struggling between recently?

meesh: I try realllly HARD


meesh: oops caps

meesh: It makes you feel more alive

meesh: from great sadness comes great joy

meesh: I am glad to just be feeling at all

xxsosaxx: cut off your feelings, did you?

meesh: do I?

meesh: do you?

xxsosaxx: you say that youre glad to be feeling

xxsosaxx: yes

meesh: are we in therapy?

meesh: :))

meesh: I would say

xxsosaxx: im not in therapy but tons of people i know are

meesh: no I mean you and I now?

xxsosaxx: oh

xxsosaxx: na

meesh: we are our own support group!

xxsosaxx: oh, ok then

xxsosaxx: but libras are bad at being shoulders to cry on

meesh: No, ok, I will say that I prefer to be in charge of how I feel, and act, and what I do, and that is not always possible in a relationship, inevidibly, you have to give up control

meesh: capiche?

meesh: you think?

xxsosaxx: i wrote a poem where i said, the only way to fall in love is to fall

meesh: So many times, I was not in control of what was happening to me,

meesh: you know, it is good to feel stable

meesh: relationships are turmoil

meesh: hopefully not everyones

xxsosaxx: have you ever been in a smooth one?

meesh: yeah, a little over a year ago

meesh: it was surprisingly smooth

meesh: that is why it was sooo fucking hard when it just evaporated in front of me!

meesh: nothing is certain

meesh: is it?

xxsosaxx: death

meesh: taxes

xxsosaxx: pee

meesh: speaking of..

meesh: want an Amstel

meesh: ??

xxsosaxx: sure

meesh: mmm, Smallville is on

meesh: notice how I am always like mmmmmmmmm…?

meesh: I am a sigher

xxsosaxx: thats nice

xxsosaxx: its sweet

meesh: when I eat, too man

meesh: my ex could not stand it

meesh: he is crazy though

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