hi tony!

hi president bush’s dogs.

hey we want to be guest bloggers.

sorry, dogs, only humans are allowed to participate.

that sucks, we just read the good review your fashion photo essay got in the Dallas Morning News and we wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

no way you mangy mutts. you’re republican dogs and i dont like republicans.

thats a damn lie, and you know it, theres lots of republicans that you like.

doesnt matter. nothing affiliated with george bush is of any interest to me.

what about his daughters?

ok, except for them.

make you a deal, let us write an entry or two and we’ll hook you up with one of the daughters. theyre always up for a party, and of all people, tony pierce, i bet you know how to par-tay.

president bush’s dogs, you’re creeping me out.

we could tell the world our take on Big Brother 3.

too late, moxie already did that yesterday.

whats up with her? you call her yet?

nope. she called me though. her voice sorta sounds like kate sullivan’s i like that.

hey, what are you doing totally stealing Nay’s blog entry and putting it on your site?

i think its exactly the sort of guest blogging that i would like emailed to me. just random thoughts. but real thoughts. either do that or tell me about your town or your friends or what youre going to do this weekend. but i have to go, my hands are recovering.

who is this Doc Searls?

i really dont know, but from the amount of traffic that he’s given me, and from the respect that he gets from the rest of the world, i think he’s the west coast version of Instapundit. now i really wish that i had met him at that bash.

you better hope you stay on his good side.


whats up with ashley? looks like shes back to being in love with her first love.

yeah, that happens. you never really get over your first love. good for her.

ok, woof woof, tony.

woof woof, terrible republican dogs.

it’s just typing, people

layne is back, as is Rabbit: does that mean welch, and a. beam aren’t far behind? hope so.

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