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Opinions are fun. I need to start writing more shit like this. So here it goes…

Are the people of the United States over medicated?

I’ve had this conversation with two people in the past two days. Quite frankly, I have to give the answer of this question as a big fat YES. Now I’m not saying the medication isn’t needed. Of course it is. There are many people whom have problems and need the much provided medication. Sometimes doctor’s are a little too flemsy with their medication.

God knows I use to cry attention. I kind of try to keep my problems out of the spot-light when it comes to my “depression,” or whatever you want to call it. Like I was, so many teens are quick to say they’re depressed.

Answer to that question? Pop a pill and make it makes everything all better.

It’s to the point that they don’t even need sufficient studies or logical evidence that this person is even depressed. They’re just quick because God knows that we all have problems. Yes, I know I seem like a hypocrite. I myself am on the ever-so-popular Celexa.

Sometimes I wonder how much would I actually need this medication. They’ve never done testing on me. Just by what I tell them. Shit, I could walk into a doctor, tell them I’m having troubles relaxing and all of a sudden I have a nice little prescription for a tranq. Truthfully, I think it’s time that people start opening their eyes a bit more.

Also, senior citizens as well as adults. So many times a doctor gives a medication to the elderly and they don’t seem to recognize the effects it may have on other parts of their body and do nothing but go in a cycle. I know this because I’ve seen and read about it many times.

My own uncle was put on a medication for an injury and it ended up affecting his liver and they now have to keep an eye on his vitals because again, they’re too flemsy with their medication.

I’m not saying that all doctor’s are this way, but we too often fail to recognize these types of situations. I’m just curious as to what you guys think about it. – stolen from nay

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