hi, tony,

just leave me alone, beyonce.

why the long face?

do you understand the meaning of the words “leave me alone”?

monday blues?


do you want me to sing “Bootylicious” for you?

hell no!

come on, it always cheers you up.

what? im never depressed.

hmmm, thats true.

come on, you can be michelle and missy and i’ll be me and kelly.

i want to be kelly!

oh, tony, i dont think you’re ready for that jelly.

ok, go fly away somewhere and die, will you, please?

those are words not suited to be directed towards a diva, honey.

you’re not a diva, you’re an irritating black girl with dyed extensions. vamoose!

well i hope whatever crawled up your butt finds its way out.

for some reason i think it just wants to sit up in there and fester and make me miserable.

then whatever you do, tony, keep snapping at your friends, like me, who just want to help.

you can help me by shutting your big fat pie hole.

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