tony, are you ok?

yeah, anna, hi.

seriously, is everything cool?

everythings great, now that you’re here.

im sorry ive been blowing you off lately, baby. Wimbledon was a bitch.

yeah but you did good. you made it to the quarter finals in doubles and mixed doubles.

yeah, but i lost in both.

come on now, comrade, you know what aerosmith says, “life’s a journey, not a destination.”

aerosmith says that?

they sure do.

and you still love me?

more than ever, thanks for the pictures you emailed me too.

i didnt want you to forget me. especially since youre always surrounded by beatiful girls.

beauty comes from within, hot chick.

then maybe i should have sent you my x-rays.

oh. hahahahahah

ah hahahahahahahaha

hey anna, what was serena saying after she and venus beat you and chandra?

oh, she was talking shit about how she could do you better than i could.



well, maybe she could.

well, maybe she will never get that chance.

lifes a cabaret, old chum

and i love a cabaret.

thanks for calling me, anna.

any time, tony.

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